Revised June 25, 2018.

The following represents Highsoft‘s current view of its product development cycle and future directions. It is intended for information purposes only, and should not be interpreted as a commitment on the part of Highsoft.

Highcharts 7.0 (2018)


Highstock 7.0

  • Backend module for data grouping and lazy loading.
  • More GUI for client-side analytics. Allow end users to annotate, add/remove indicators and more.
  • Support for popular financial data sources.


Highcharts Cloud

  • Improved support for stock charts.
  • Organic placing of labels for series.
  • Ongoingly optimizing UI/UX.
  • Export menu configuration.
  • Integration with third party data sources.
  • Support for adding annotations from the Editor.
  • Support for custom Editor plugins available for all the users in your team.
  • Log in with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Slack.


New products and services

  • Gantt chart product. Implementation started July 2016. Beta release in Q3 2018. Official release targeted Q4 2018.